Antoní Gaudí

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Antoní Gaudí

Creation finds its continuation through the human being. But human beings donít create, they discover. Those who for their new works look for advice in the laws of nature, work in cooperation with the creator.


Antoni Gaudí came from an established family of copper smiths rich in tradition. In his own opinion he felt this was a very important factor in his relationship to building materials.

As a child he was of weak health which gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time making nature observations. The latter would become his inexhaustible source of inspirations. What sparked his interest in particular was the question on how nature achieved her constructions. After finishing his training in Barcelona he worked for a number of architects. He quickly developed his own style and became one of the most outstanding architects of the "Modernista", the Catalonian version of Art Nouveau. Particularly striking about his designs is the sculptural language of form and rich variety of colour. What helped him in this was his special relationship to materials and his intuitive sense for the forces of construction.

During the course of his life religion took on an ever increasing importance. In the end he devoted his time exclusively to the construction of the Sagrada Familia. In this modern cathedral art, technology and religion have been able to merge together into a visionary unity.

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Krypta Colonia GüellKrypta Colonia Güell Santa Coloma de Cervelló, 1898-1917 
Sagrada FamiliaSagrada Familia Barcelona, 1883-1926 
Casa MilàCasa Milà Barcelona, 1906-1910